The Cup Food Indonesia

17 October 2014

In this October Luminov as application and games developers in collaboration with Korean fast food restaurant The Cup Rice and Noodle which is located in commercial Crown Golf, Block D number 50, Hill Golf Mediterranean, Pantai Indah Kapok, North Jakarta. We create mobile app called The Cup Food Indonesia.

Starting from idea to create an application that can be used for a media campaign, catalog and more interactive by involving customers to use these application. Let us introduce The Cup Food Indonesia, a manifold application of Electronic Stamp App which is basically a place for collecting a stamp when any customer comes to buy a product from The Cup Food. In a certain number of stamps that can be swapped into a discount. The Cup Food Indonesia also contains features like product catalog as well as the ongoing promo information.

The Cup Food pick Luminov as the application developer because Luminov has been in the multimedia world since 2010 and has made a number of applications and mobile games. 'MoeMoe -The Forest Spirit', 'Aztec Run!', 'ToothInvaders' are the names of the games that have been released by Luminov. Luminov also won the first place in Gemfest 2013 which held by PT Kreon through "wafer Factory" which is still under development.

If you are a person who likes to eat Korean food and very active with the use of the application on your Smartphone, then this application will be very useful for you, The Cup Food Indonesia could be used in IOS and Andoid.